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listing of truly free RV Dump Stations anywhere online 

Fresh Tanks




We have lots of great stuff planned for the website. We already have the most complete, most accurate, most user/friendly map listing of Free RV Dump Stations available. Our Free RV Hookups map is the only place anywhere you can find free RV Hookups from the Mexican border to the Canadian border and stay well over 4 months with free electricty and water hookups every single night.


We've bitten off a big chunk and we're still just getting started. So check back with us often to see the wealth of RV boondocking resources that we're packing into this site! 


Contrary to assumptions among some Rvers, the way to assure continuing access to free resources is to spread out the burden of their use to as many locations as possible, rather than have the few that inevitably get mentioned be overwhelmed all at once. If you would like to see easily accessible, free dump stations everywhere you travel, please use and encourage others to do the same!

If you dont mind and you're comfortable with it - let it be known to employees, staff, and owners in the area that you have chosen to patronize their businesses and leave your cash with them when you head on down the road specifically because you appreciate the hospitality you've found near them, whether it was a free dump station, free hookups site, or whichever amenity you utilized.  It is in the best interests of local residents, businesses and tax revenue-spending agencies/levels of government to have the economic activity that we bring boosting their prosperity.  It might help to keep that fact in mind for the people who benefit from it.  If you have the choice and it's convenient for you, it might help to shun any fee charging amenity and choose a free one nearby instead.  The money we bring to the area benefits everyone who operates in it.  Most of them know that.  They just charge us an outrageous amount (compare the number of times you need to dump each month and the cost of dump stations to your residential sewer bill) just because they smell money and want to maximize ways to get it out of us.  If enough of us do that, many of the locations that currently charge a fee will become free in an effort to court us and the money we spend in their areas.

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