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Homeschooling Resources


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They not only represent members legally - they also advocate for us in legislatures across the country.  They accomplish a lot with the small amount members pay.

Flashing your HSLDA membership card can turn an initially domineering CPS agent into a docile, even friendly visitor - it happens more than you probably would guess.

School administrators routinely demand information and actions from homeschoolers that their state laws prohibit.  HSLDA lawyers don’t hesitate to push back and boldly spell out rights and parameters for school staff at the first hint they might be planning to bully you.


Talk to someone who homeschooled their children in the 1980s.  The egregious harassment they endured is no longer the norm - thanks to HSLDA.

There is always political pressure pushing for homeschooling laws to go back to the bad old days.  We all need HSLDA standing in the way of that pressure.

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